As social media experts, we make it our business to ensure that our clients have the right presence in the digital world. 

Effective social media management helps to communicate your brand, business or service to the right people, at the right time. But you should not rely on it alone if you want to achieve the best possible results from your marketing spend.

The digital landscape is constantly changing – and a major player in its ongoing transformation is Google’s advertising platform. As the biggest search engine in the world, Google is trusted by millions to help them find the information they’re looking for. In fact, it’s estimated that Google receives 63,000 searches per second and that 90% of web searches on a desktop happen in Google… that’s a lot of people, searching for a lot of things! 

As a result, businesses and organisations across the globe are getting in on the action, and having a slice of the Google pie through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising via the platform. PPC offers one of the most effective and competitive tools for online marketing, helping to increase relevant web traffic and drive quality leads whilst building brand awareness. And with more and more people turning to online shopping (particularly as a result of the ongoing pandemic), the power of Google Ads is likely to continue to grow.

This is why in late 2019 we merged our business with a leading Google Ads Management Agency HLD, to combine our specialties in social media with Google Ads expertise, forming Squarestar Digital. The merger has meant that we can now offer integrated digital services, tailoring our solutions to ensure we provide our clients with digital tactics which work on multiple levels.

So, why should Google Ads form part of your marketing strategy moving forward?

The simple answer is that if it’s done correctly, you can effectively target your key audiences and drive relevant traffic to your website quickly.

Did you know, that people are 50% more likely to make a purchase if they’ve clicked on an ad? Or that the first three ads that appear on Google will receive 46% of the click through? If your link is showing at the top of Google more people are likely to click it, and ultimately they’re more likely to make a purchase or generate a lead.

Additionally, you’re in complete control of the cost. You set the budget and allocate the amount you want to spend on the PPC campaign – meaning that Google Ads can represent an extremely cost effective way to market your business. You can scale it up or down, and this flexibility makes it more transparent than traditional forms of advertising, such as print. Consequently, you can achieve a high return on investment via successful campaigns.

Plus, you can see the tangible results of your PPC campaigns through Google Analytics. There is no guess work. Google Analytics provides a full breakdown of where traffic has come from, so you can see the journey your customer has taken.

Squarestar Digital is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Essex.