Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy for your Business

How do you get something to ‘go viral’?

What’s the latest thing my target audience will engage with? How do I get more clients? You or your team might know the mechanics of how to post across social media. BUT are they posting in the right place? Are they reaching your target audience?

How do you reach thousands of people?

…from a SINGLE post and no advert spend?

These results recently came from a post for a Colchester-based company. It didn’t ask for likes or shares or any of the ‘cheats’ that are normally against Facebook’s terms and conditions.

What makes someone share?

This post was genuinely good content that appealed to the business’ target audience.

People share to throw a good light on themselves. So a ‘share’ will reflect something positive about that person: it’s an intention to educate, engage or entertain their friends.

What makes someone share a post?

They key to a good social media strategy

Understanding your audience and what they want to see (whether its organic posts or adverts) is the key to a good social media strategy.

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