Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy for your Business

There’s little point doing social if you haven’t got a plan

What’s the latest thing my target audience will engage with? How do I get more clients? You or your team might know the mechanics of how to post across social media. BUT

  • do you feel like you’re putting effort in but not getting anything for it?
  • are you posting in the right place?
  • are you reaching your target audience?
  • are you getting results?

After an assessment, we can provide your business with an easy-to-follow strategy that will ensure you reach more of the audience you want to target.

Costs of strategy will depend on business and business size: please get in touch for details

Social Media Advertising

The right advert can perform brilliantly in a short space of time. We can set up and create adverts for your business, test them to ensure they are targeting the best possible audience for your business and report on their performance to ensure you’re able to see ROI.

Advertising services available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Please get in touch for details

Organic posting

We create images and videos to inject spirit and personality into your brand. Let us take your social media to the next level with effective content that impresses, and gives potential customers confidence in who you are and what you do.

Time and again we’ve seen conversion rates rise impressively thanks to a good strategy of posting across the platforms that are used by your customers.

Influencers/ Brand ambassadors

An influencer or brand ambassador can give instant kudos to your brand. Get in touch if you’d like to find the right influencer for your business.


Social media and PR go hand in hand which is why we offer PR services for local and national press. Get in touch to find out more.