Case studies

Case Studies

“My latest ads are smashing it (again thanks to these guys) and whilst everyone’s complaining about the cost of ads going up, Chris has halved my new lead acquisition cost.”


What is a lead worth?

Above is an example of results obtained from a highly targeted advert. We’re only interested in clicks and leads. Each converted lead, we are told, is worth around £3,000 to the client. Assuming approx half of the leads for this one advert convert, that’s £1,350,000.



We set up and ran highly targeted adverts across social media, but mainly on Facebook. Adverts were funnelled to find the customer most likely to buy into the courses on offer. Monitoring, testing and tweaking resulted in an excellent cost per lead for the client.


How did we achieve this for the client?

We looked at his business in depth. We determined who his ideal customer was and where they were using social media. We tested across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

The client knew what he wanted to achieve but didn’t have have the time or social media expertise to do it. We worked with his marketing team to create content that, based on our social media knowledge, and his expert knowledge of his industry, combined to generate very cost effective results.


“We have worked with Think Social Business for approx. three years. Our business has gone from strength to strength thanks to their expertise on social media and marketing.”


  • 134% fan increase.
  • 20,000 annual visitor increase.
  • Cost per click from 4 pence.


New website, social media adverts, social media posting, blog strategy, press management, event management, event promotion. Offline marketing: print, press, branding.

How did we achieve this?

Susie’s background is publishing. Before setting up Think Social Business, she worked on Which? Gardening magazine for several years. Because of her gardening and marketing knowledge, she was asked to help the Beth Chatto Gardens with their marketing efforts. Main aims: to bring people to the Gardens; to sell plants both off and online.

Beth Chatto was a celebrated plantswoman and an influencer. She already had a big, but ageing, following all over the world. The marketing we have carried out is to capitalise on and extend what was mostly an off-line audience. We use email marketing, print, and social media organic and paid mediums to grow an audience of loyal fans, educating on who Beth was, her influence and extending her legacy.