Training on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram

Training on the social media platform you need

Award-winning Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram training

Training is from £245+VAT and is tailored to YOU and your business.

  • Get to grips with Facebook: learn how to increase your ROI
  • Find the best way to get leads from LinkedIn
  • Tackle Twitter and use it to generate leads for your business
  • Discover the benefits of Pinterest and use to boost sales
  • Use Instagram to get the word out about your product or service
  • Strategy: create an effective social media strategy for your business

social media training for business

Social media has got MORE challenging

Even two years ago, it was easier to get results from social media. BUT now, it’s tougher. You can’t just post and expect a return on your investment. You need a plan. You need a strategy, and you need to know what to do to get results.

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Is Facebook frustrating you?

Has your ‘reach’ reached an all-time low? Have sales dropped offer over the last year? The algorithm behind Facebook, which determines what people see in their newsfeed, is always changing. So you need to know what Facebook wants, in order to reach the people who matter to you. We can show you how to beat Facebook, get sales, reach people again!

Facebook frustrating you?

Get real leads from LinkedIn

Wondering how to get business from LinkedIn? But need to know what you’re doing? Maybe you’re thinking LinkedIn adverts will work really well for you? But not sure how to set them up? Get training to save you time and get an ROI!

Twitter for business

How do you get leads from Twitter? How do you sift through all that ‘noise’? How do you get seen? Is there any point being on Twitter? We’ll teach you the tricks of Twitter: how to make it work for your business. And how to avoid spending too much time on it.

Twitter training in Essex

Instagram for business

Have you heard what everyone’s saying? That Instagram is the BEST way to get loads of interest in your business? Make it work for you too: instagram training for you or your team to harness the power of this favourite social media platform.

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