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Search Engine Optimisation Services in Colchester

Top of GOOGLE? Top of BING? Top of YAHOO?

MOST people who use a search engine will usually only consider the top 5 results they get from it. They rarely scroll down further. Social media helps your search engine ranking (reviews from Facebook as well as Google are pulled through now) but SEO is another very important brick in the wall and can make a big difference to the traffic to your website.

  • Make your website easy for potential customers to find
  • Ensure search engine robots can understand it
  • Know what people are searching for in relation to your business
  • Get your content shared and talked about
  • Websites compete for attention: if you’re working on your SEO, you’re staying up with, or beating your competition!

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All business owners really want is more of their ideal customer: and SEO helps make that happen. Please get in touch using the contact form or details below for more information or call 01206 845623.