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WE LOVE social media!

We love the POWER of it and the RESULTS it can get.



Social Media Marketing Specialist

Mariah Carey was a real diva… Gordon Ramsey was LOVELY! Alicia Keys was coy about her boyfriend. Howard Donald (Take That!) was a bit drunk.

Susie is bossy. (Chris wrote this.) When she works with a client, she will do ALL she can to make that social media campaign work effectively. She’s a perfectionist (Virgo!) and a bit of a workaholic.

She’s really good at social media strategy, and a bit of genius at creating good content.

Susie had over 10 years in print and online publishing before specialising in social media. She was an editor for Which?, Marie Claire, Tatler and so on…She worked on celebrity magazines, and that was when she met plenty of celebs (see above).

Poor grammar and spelling really DO wind her up.

Your social media is in good hands with her.


Social Media Training and Advertising Specialist

A complete film buff, Star Wars fan, car enthusiast and ABSOLUTE social media addict!

Chris isn’t one to shout about how great he is, so I will (Susie). He’s an all round really nice guy.

His passion is helping people. And he’s really good at training people on social media; he loves that more than anything.

When he hears that his training has been really effective or when a client reports good results, he’ll do a little dance. He thrives off success.

And his adverts: well if social media advertising has confused you or your team in any way, Chris can explain it, sort it out and get you on the right track. He’s a whizz at running advertising campaigns and getting the MOST out of a budget.

Your social media training needs, and your adverts are in safe hands with him.



Our trusty hound and other trusted partners

While you’ll always get a warm welcome from the humans, the MOST enthusiastic and wiggly welcome will come from Archie. You may come across other members of the team when you visit too: trusted web designers, designers, PPC specialists, SEO experts, photographers, videographers and PR gurus. We work closely with people we enjoy working with and who we’ve found to be excellent in their field. We specialise in social but often, that’s not all a business needs: so if your business needs it, we have some great people we will recommend to you.

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