Wikipedia entries

Wikipedia entries for personalities, brands and businesses

Search for anything on Google, Bing etc and IF that thing has a Wikipedia page, you can bet it will come up either as the FIRST website or the second.

Having a Wikipedia page can give a business or personality a huge boost in terms of credibility.

What value do you give credibility?


How do I qualify for a Wikipedia page?

One of our more recent published Wikipedia pages was for a relatively newly launched business. We advised on what they needed to have in place in order to QUALIFY for a Wikipedia page.

The business put these steps in place over a matter of months. They worked on their ‘story’ with a PR agency and engaged with publications in their field.

The resulting coverage in the press both in print and online, meant that they had enough to move forward and stand a chance of their Wikipedia page being accepted.

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How do I get a Wikipedia page?

If you’d like to know whether you or your business or brand qualify, then just give us a call or email in the first instance. We’ll tell you if we think you qualify, and can then quote on helping with the creation of one.

If you don’t yet qualify, we’ll tell you what you need to do to help make it happen.