Try the “I’ll do your social media for £85 a month” guys…

cheap social media

I was targeted today by another social media agency, trying to sell me their social media services (impressive targeting! 😉)


I’m not afraid to say what they were offering: £85 to post 5 times a week across two social media platforms.


Sounds great.


Bargain! Box ticked!


Can you guess what I think about that?


For £85 a month I predict, and I may be wrong (but I’ve seen it so often), you’re likely to get the same old waffle you see everywhere; rubbish content that has little to do with your business.


Become irrelevant and lose your audience

As SOON as you personalise your social media, and make it relevant, people are going to want to hear from you.


Once you LOSE that with irrelevant posting, you’ve lost your audience. You can try to win them back but it’s unlikely you’ll be successful.


I’m not saying that every post needs to be wonderful, but seriously: THINK about what YOU like to see in your newsfeed. Do you want to see thinly veiled sales posts all the time?


Nope, Nor I!


I started with a new client a couple of weeks ago. He’d done his own social media pretty well actually. A small business in the health and wellness industry. I came on board and he sent me this message (after we’d spent just £35 on an advert): “Awesome work BTW I have three people booked in.  If I seal the deal that’s £810 sales on that advert so far”


Another new client has booked in 33 new people after we ran a lead generation advert; they actually got over 170 leads from it which have converted to physical visits; 33 so far. Advert spend: £100. 33 people for £100 advert spend and GETTING THEM to come to your place of business… that’s a difficult challenge. We’re used to those – I wonder if this other company is…


You don’t need 5 posts a week

We test in the early days: we need to see what works.


We spend a little advertising budget here and there with different audiences and different creatives. And while that advert testing is going on, we work with the client to generate good, creative, engaging content.


If you’re running adverts your organic stuff (unpaid) needs to be convincing too!


I personally don’t think any business with less than 50,000 followers needs 5 posts a week. You just don’t need to be posting that often to keep your followers engaged. Eastenders isn’t on EVERY night of the week, after all 😉


Why would you want to pay more than £85 a month?

We used to offer social media for much less than we do now. And the reason? We weren’t as experienced. Social media can be learnt, of course. That’s how we started BUT there is so much to it, and we have trained and trained on it.


We have a huge library of clients who praise our work and are delighted with the results we get for them.


We save a business a large amount of time: there aren’t going to be many senior social media managers who can do what we do or who are incentivised to keep retraining like we are.


We save businesses money: we never spend for the sake of it and we know how to get the best results for the budgets we’re working with.


But we’re a boutique agency: we can’t work with everyone. SO maybe try the £85 a month guys… then get in touch with us.


Susie 😉