TOP 10 ways to get business from LinkedIn

leads from Linkedin

TOP 10 ways to get business from LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to generate leads

So you’re on LinkedIn, but how do you connect with people and MOST IMPORTANTLY how do you get business from it?

1. Join groups related to the businesses you’d like to connect with. That way, when you want to connect to individuals within the group, LinkedIn allows you to select ‘group’ when you tell LinkedIn how you know that person.

2. If you’d like to connect with people that you may not have met in person, don’t just send them the bog standard LinkedIn connection request: give them a reason to consider connecting with you by writing them a personal message. That way, they are less likely to be peeved by being approached by someone they might not know.

3. If you’re surfing LinkedIn looking for people to connect with, set your privacy settings to allow people to see who has been looking at their profile. That way, they are likely to come and look at your profile to find out: ‘who’s been spying on me?!’ Et voila: the person you were targeting has had a look at your profile and can see what you do. The first contact!

4. If you’re surfing LinkedIn to spy on your competitors, consider setting your privacy settings to hide your profile from people… unless you want them to know you’ve been having a nose around!

5. Change your business title every now and again: that way, you come up in the LinkedIn newsfeed for people and they get asked to congratulate you.

6. If you’ve connected with someone you think you could do some business with, become a fan: follow their business. Then take a close look at what they do: find something you want to discuss with them that perhaps isn’t directly related to your business: few people like sales emails!

7. Do take the time to make your profile page the best it can be – first impressions last! And if your LinkedIn profile is going to be your first impression…well make the most of it!

8. Do get your total connections up to 500+ (But make them valuable). Seeing that you have this many connections will make new connections want to connect with you all the more: you are obviously going to be a good person to know!

9. Do contribute to group discussions: ask questions and answer them where you can. This not only gets your name out there but it shows you know a thing or two about the industry you are in.

10. Play on your USP. What is the unique selling point of your business? Post about it in your company updates and don’t be afraid to shout about it more than once.