Put your services on your Facebook page

what services do you provide

Put your services on your Facebook page

Let potential customers know what you can do for them

Adding the SERVICES information to your Facebook page is an instant way to draw attention to what it is you do, and saves people having to work it out!

You can add more than three, but you don’t want to make people scroll down too much before they get to your engaging, fabulous posts!


add services to your Facebook page

To add it to your page, you generally have to ensure that your page is set up as a Local Business. If you can’t see the tab, it can either be because you’re not a Local Business or possibly haven’t had the feature rolled out to you yet.


Find Services on your Facebook page

Once you find the tab, click on it and provide succinct information about what it is you offer. Add pictures and prices if you can.

Let us know whether you see an increase in enquiries!