Mistakes are brilliant for social media!

Have you ever posted with a misspelt word or got your grammar a bit wrong? People love to jump on and correct it. Has it made you think: “I wish people would comment when I get things right!”

I saw an advert from Boden the other day. They got some grammar wrong. I commented with a friendly correction (wasn’t going to be all know-it-all about it).

They said thank you. Then they emailed me a £20 voucher (even when I told them it really wasn’t necessary!)


They got something wrong but they’ve got me writing about it, naming their company, sharing my experience with fellow business owners and friends.

I get things wrong

I hate getting anything wrong.

I do get things wrong BUT I’m in the perfect industry for that. Phew!

When you get something a bit wrong, as a business on social media, suddenly you’re not a business anymore; you’re a person.

And what works best for any business on social media? Being human. Being relatable. Fallible. Just like anybody else.

Getting things wrong can be AMAZING!

So Boden got that little thing wrong and it makes you think: oooh they can’t even get their grammar right, they must be a bit rubbish… BUT it’s all about how you MAKE IT RIGHT!

You can’t get things wrong and then bluster about a bit and ignore it.

Own it. Apologise for it. Make something of it. It works.

It’s great content and you’ll find that people will engage with it SO much more than those carefully thought-out posts which have an obvious marketing message. We’re all so bored of those: give us something interesting!

Let us see you get something wrong and show us how brilliant you are at handling it!

Susie 😊