“Does social media even work?” Me: “It depends on your eyelashes”

eye on your social media

Sometimes social media doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work if you’re doing it because you think you should but you haven’t got direction.
It doesn’t work if you’re not invested in it.
It doesn’t even really work very well if all you’re doing is running ads on it (although this last point is debatable).

Actually, all these points are debatable and there will be occasions where social media will work for someone who just does a little bit of it, and I will get proven wrong, I know I will.

If you want really good results though, I’d say avoid avoid avoid doing the above.


This company could have had SO many more sales!

I saw an advert recently for false eyelashes (yes I HAD been looking into them so Facebook obviously targeted me for my interest) Those ones which are magnetic? Maybe you saw the viral post about it too?!.

I WOULD have tried them. I honestly probably would because I detest the idea of gluing something onto my oh-so-sensitive eyes.

But I look at the credibility of a company before I buy something.

I bet you do too.

So I had a quick peek (out from under my eyelashes) at this false eyelashes’ Facebook page – it was rubbish.

I hopped over to Insta: pretty pants.

So then I checked their website: no way I was going to buy from such a dodgy-looking company!

I know there will have been loads of people who bought these eyelashes. But there will also have been loads of people who didn’t. My question to the company: why?!

Why miss out on more sales (I mean this post went VIRAL – sales potential was huge!) for the sake of getting your brand looking half decent? A clean website doesn’t take much doing. Posting about make-up and eyelashes on social media is pretty easy.

It wouldn’t have been expensive for this company to back up their advert with some social proof: some reviews, a bit of history.

Every company needs to build TRUST: without trust you haven’t got a business.


How do you get social media to work?

• Decide HOW you want it to work: what does social media ‘working’ for you mean? Start with your objective: Clicks to web? Brand awareness? Bookings? Signups? Ecommerce sales? Building trust?
• Understand your ideal customer: what do THEY want? What are THEY looking for?
• Create a brand if you haven’t got one already. This is more than a logo and a colour: this is an identity, and a personality
• Have a decent budget for advertising
• Create adverts that disrupt, that are beautiful to look at, that tap into emotion or need or both
• Post organically, regularly
• Have a strategy: why are you posting? What are you posting? When are you posting? Where are you posting? (Which social media platform are your customers using?)
• Talk, respond, connect

GO GO GO get your social working in 2019!

Susie 😊