Are you worried they’ll forget about you?

Is that what you worry about? Is that why you’re glued to your social media?

Because you don’t want to MISS the opportunity that someone else might grab?

Because you want to keep people thinking about you and your business?

That golden-ticket client might pop up while you’re off running your company…

Finding it exhausting?

Do you feel like you’re doing what you ‘should’ but actually it’s not getting you that far?

I sometimes feel like that.

If I’m feeling a bit unmotivated, I get on social and give out some free advice. It reminds me that I know what I’m talking about. BUT it also makes me think that I should be doing it MORE – if I did it MORE I’d get more business… wouldn’t I?!

HMMM how valuable is your time?

Have you REALLY got time to be hanging out on all the social platforms, keeping an eye on people asking for recommendations and giving out advice or opinions when asked?

What is your hourly rate? £40/hour? £80/hour? More? How much potential revenue could you be making instead of lingering on social?

4 hours a week on social = £160-£400 in potential revenue (potentially) wasted? EVERY WEEK!! THAT’s £640-£1600 a month!!!

The personal touch is great and it’s effective. Of course it is; this is social interaction we’re talking about.

BUT how about doing something BETTER which gives you VALUABLE, TANGIBLE, TRACKABLE results?

Contact ANYONE who has visited your website, even if they didn’t click on anything… with a remarketing advert.

 This strategy REALLY WORKS:

  • Get a remarketing pixel on your website (go to ads manager on Facebook, or campaigns on LinkedIn and get your web developer or someone who knows how to, to put the code on your site)
  • Drive some traffic to your website: I like to use irresistible blogs for this, when I can. So you write a great blog (which answers a question, gives free advice), post it on your social media. Add a bit of advertising budget to it (we’ve seen some very cheap click-to-website costs from directing traffic via a good blog – very recently 4p/per click from a £100 ad spend in February 2018)
  • From this type of traffic, you may get some business but what about all the people who read the blog but didn’t do anything else? They didn’t message you or pick up the phone… but they did read…so they are warm leads
  • Run a remarketing advert across LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (all or some, depending on where your ideal clients hang out)
  • ANYONE who has visited your website will be served your advert.
    It will serve to impress them with your wicked marketing skills
    It will remind them of you
    It will offer them a really easy way to get in touch: so by clicking a button they send you their contact information (lead generation advert) OR they send you a message

YOU choose the kind of remarketing advert you run.

Your website visitors could have found you from Google, or Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Youtube: it DOESN’T MATTER. You are going back into social land to find them again… and when they see you… you trigger that memory.

WHO buys from seeing just one advert?

Not many people! In fact, very few people.

A warm lead is VALUABLE so don’t ignore them! Use the power of remarketing adverts to reach them.

It really works…

Susie x