9 essential sites for sourcing shareable social media content

9 essential sites for sourcing shareable social media content

Our favourite places to find brilliant content for businesses on social media

Social media is all about strategy: before you start posting, you’ve got to think about what you’re doing and why. Popular articles, videos, images and presentations can help boost your social media presence.

As a follow-up to our social media marketing training courses which we run in Colchester, Essex, you’ll find some good  resources here. 

These are just some of the sites and apps that can HELP your social media offering but they shouldn’t FORM it. As we discuss in training, you should stay individual and true to your own brand/business.

Pinterest – picture based search engine and social media platform​

Google Alerts – set up an alert that emails you interesting new content based on the criteria you ask for

Feedly – lets you find and organise content that matters to you

Buzzfeed – ‘most social content on the web’ according to their website

Huffington Post – popular online newspaper – news, blogs and content

Slideshare – where people share presentations

Youtube – video-sharing search engine and social network

Bored Panda – popular art, design and photography community

Reddit – not easy to navigate initially but a great resource: it shows you what people on the internet think is important/valuable/interesting. Users vote for submissions. Worth having a poke about if you’ve got some time.