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The reason behind most people saying their Facebook accounts are useless, or that Twitter doesn't work, is because they aren't using those platforms in the right way.

If you're on Facebook and you 'like' a page, which subsequently sends you endless status updates that are an attempt to sell something, you'll ignore those posts and lose interest.

If you're on Twitter and you get endless meaningless tweets from a company you're following, you'll stop following them.

To make LinkedIn work, you can't just stick a profile page up and hope. You've got to interact and contribute.

There is no real secret to any of this. The way to make money from social networking is not to try to make money, but to try to network. The money and clients will come later.

We'll work with you to find the best way to use these social networking sites, and we'll help you get fans, followers, and likers that will benefit your business.

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