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Facebook for business

How to use Facebook to drive sales and reach new customers

Reach people on Facebook: HOW TO!

How incredible is it that you can reach into the phones and laptops of hundreds of people and show them a little bit of something about your business?

When they’re sitting on the train, watching TV, lying in bed, eating breakfast, bored at work…you can reach them at ALL these times because that’s when people check their phones the most.

How incredible is it that MORE people aren’t using Facebook to their advantage?

Well, it’s not easy to use Facebook to grow your business these days. Gone are the days of posting something funny and getting loads of interaction as a result.

You have to have a plan, you need a STRATEGY and you need a BUDGET!

You also need good CONTENT...

How does Facebook decide what to show in your newsfeed?

Facebook doesn’t want to put its users off by showing them loads of posts from businesses they aren’t interested in. Facebook users are YOU. What do YOU like to see in your newsfeed? Stuff from friends and family? Exactly.

You need to find a way to get friends and family liking the content YOU produce. So it can’t be all ‘on message’. You’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to Facebook. You’ve got to mix it up and you’ve got to get creative.

Once your post is published, you haven’t got long to get into people’s newsfeeds. If Facebook sees that your post isn’t getting much interaction (likes or comments) then it doesn’t send it out to a wider audience.

Best posts on Facebook

Right now, videos and high quality web links are getting preferred treatment by Facebook: it lets that kind of content ‘jump the queue’.

Seasoned Facebookers will notice that even if a great picture gets loads of likes, its ‘reach’ can still be a lot lower than a video that might get only two or three likes.

So we have to bow to the Facebook algorithm that decides what appears in Facebooks newsfeeds. We have to woo it in order to grow our REACH. We have to make sure we aren’t asking people to SHARE any more (against Facebook’s terms). And soon we’ll have to stop asking for LIKES too (soon to be against Facebook’s terms).

Our ideal client? Someone who can see the potential Facebook has for them. Has got some budget for boosting posts (you need to boost a few posts these days), and someone who’s ready to talk CONTENT with us!

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