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Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter & more: let us handle the adverts for you from £50+VAT/month. Please for a quote.

Paying for Google Ads? We can retarget people who visit your website so they're not lost. Next time they log in to their social media, they'll see an advert from you.

People who walked into your shop/bought from you/used your services. And we can target 'similar' people  - so people who 'look' like your existing customers

We can target people who might have watched one of your videos. 

We can target people based on whether they have a flat screen TV, a mortgage, one or two cars, an income over xxxx, whether they've just moved house, or got married, or pregnant, or have children of school age. The list is almost endless.

We sometimes even get told to stop advertising because it can be so effective.

"I was told to stop advertising!"

I'd spent a total of £6.43!!!

It doesn't happen often; but this advert had resulted in 40 new memberships of a gym. 

It was on Facebook. And it was a simple advert - nothing special and offering nothing for free. But it was targeted, and it fulfilled a need.

Some days I despise Facebook for all its changes and challenges. On that day I loved it!


Please for further information or call 01206 845623 or 077 666 51591.

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Chris Bulman

Chris' passion for social media stems from his search for his birth mother. Chris is adopted and it was through early forms of social media that he found her. Having spent years in retail and business development, Chris has gravitated to social media. He brings a wealth of business knowledge learnt at companies such as Which? and Vodafone. As any of his acquaintances will tell you, he is passionate about new technology. He makes it his business to know what is happening online and helps companies apply this to their social media strategy.

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Susie Bulman

Susie is a freelance editor. Before setting up Think Social Business, she worked for Which? editing their online and magazine content for four years. She has also worked with the likes of Tatler and Marie Claire magazines, and launched a very successful glossy magazine in Dubai. She brings over 10 years of media and editing experience to the table. Spelling mistakes on tweets, post and profiles instantly create a poor impression, but good grammar and spelling build confidence. She will ensure your profiles, posts, tweets and comments work hard to win followers.