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Running a social media campaign isn't easy. You've got to effectively pretend to be a business and you've got to understand that business inside and out. To reach and connect with customers, they have to believe that it's someone from the actual company that they are dealing with. To create content that connects and resonates, you really need to know what you're doing.

It's a big responsibility and it's one that we have proven we can handle. Our recommendations on our facebook business page and our LinkedIn page are from just some of the people we've worked with and we're delighted to have received them. 

We take great pride in making a social media campaign work for a business. Depending on the package you choose, we produce reports so that you can see the effect your social media is having, and we relish some of the stats we've made happen, such as a 4000% increase in reach for one of our online retailers. 

We work hard to make it happen for you and your company because your success reflects our success.

There's more about us on the right of this page so you know who you'll be dealing with! 


Chris Bulman

Chris' passion for social media stems from his search for his birth mother. Chris is adopted and it was through early forms of social media that he found her. Having spent years in retail and business development, Chris has gravitated to social media. He brings a wealth of business knowledge learnt at companies such as Which? and Vodafone. As any of his acquaintances will tell you, he is passionate about new technology. He makes it his business to know what is happening online and helps companies apply this to their social media strategy.

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Susie Bulman

Susie is a freelance editor. Before setting up Think Social Business, she worked for Which? editing their online and magazine content for four years. She has also worked with the likes of Tatler and Marie Claire magazines, and launched a very successful glossy magazine in Dubai. She brings over 10 years of media and editing experience to the table. Spelling mistakes on tweets, post and profiles instantly create a poor impression, but good grammar and spelling build confidence. She will ensure your profiles, posts, tweets and comments work hard to win followers.